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#2539 [Official] PandoriumX Forum Rules - MUST READ!

Posted by Pnurt on 06 March 2014 - 23:45

PandoriumX Forum Rules


By being a member on PandoriumX you automatically accept these rules.
This is a living document and can be changed any time without previous notice.


General rules:

• Use English in all parts of forum and try your best to make yourself understood.

• All bots older than latest Tibia version are only allowed/supported to Premium members.

• You must be registered for 3+ days and have 1+ post to be able to use Shoutbox. However, everybody has the right to start a new thread. NEW!

• You may not abuse the reputation system in any way. You may encourage someone to rep+ your content if they find it reasonable, but you should never threaten or pay someone to get it done.

• Mind your manners and be nice to fellow members.

• Racism is strictly prohibited.

• Gravedigging (posting in threads 1 month or older) is forbidden so violating this rule will result a warning. Exceptions can be made depending on topic.

• Respect all the staff members. If you have any issues with any staff please report them to the Administrators. We will look at it on a serious level.

• Owning multiple accounts on this forum will result in a ban. If you have more then one account then contact an admin and ask them to remove it.

• Scammers will be banned without any notice.

• Do not PM PandoriumX Staff or the members requesting for support without posting a thread in the specific forum.

• On patch days, asking about crack releases/updates will give you a 72h ban. No exceptions.

• Do not promote your own threads in any other thread unless it's relevant to the subject.

• You are not allowed to advertise your sales or request scripts/support in the shoutbox.

• If you are detected abusing any of the PandoriumX services/releases offered, you will be permanently banned.

Posting rules:

1. Do not post content that has been posted previously.

2. Choose relevant and mature subjects and titles for your threads

3. When posting content from another site, credit the original site and author. Use quotes and link to the original content.

4. Threads similar to "post here and I'll PM you" are considered spam and the author will receive a warning.

5. Do not post any credit card details. We do not tolerate any information related to credit cards.

6. You can only post software or any other personal releases within the User Releases section and always having permission or being approved by a Staff member.

7. Do not attach any warez to the site, as we do not host any warez.

8. Post in the correct part of the forum. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.

9. You may only post "bumps" and such posts in the market section once per 24h. These posts are not allowed in any other part of the forum.

10. No begging for donations or loans.

11. You may not sell or trade scripts, releases or any content if you aren't the original author of the content.

12. You may only place sell or buy offers inside the market section.

13. Do not post in spammers or bots threads. Simply use the report function in order to get their content removed and accounts locked.

14. You should never accuse someone of being a scammer unless you can prove it to a staff member. If you get scammed by a fellow forum member, you should contact any staff member as soon as possible.



By being a member on PandoriumX you automatically accept these rules.
This is a living document and can be changed any time without previous notice.

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#354 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by Gordonfreeman75 on 02 January 2014 - 15:36

New ranks:



PandoriumX Ranking System

Group Name & Badge

Posts Needed

Reputation Needed

Rank Reward

Banned Member




Excluded from PandoriumX community

Leecher Member




Access to PandoriumX Software

Junior Member










Advanced Member





Senior Member





Loyal Member





Veteran Member





Noble Member









Access to the Premium sections

Elite Member




Access to the Premium sections

Royal Member




Access to the Premium sections

Legendary Member




Full Premium features

Divine Member




Full Premium features

PandoriumX Bloodbrother




Full Premium features

(and a beer sent to your place /Pnurt)

Premium Member



Full access to all Premium features

and a cool blue glowing name!


PandoriumX Staff

Group Name & Badge








Someone who is willing to do anything for this community and is more then

willing to help out with anything. You do not contact us about this rank, we have full

knowledge of whos doing what on these forums, so we will contact you about this rank.

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#89 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by Pnurt on 13 December 2013 - 00:17



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#8609 [Official] Thank You! 10 000 Members Special!

Posted by Pnurt on 22 July 2014 - 18:22



Dear member of PandoriumX, I'm writing to you today to announce

that we have reached yet another big milestone.

We have together been able to gather up and we're now over 10 000 members!


This is a really big achievement and milestone, something that we didn't think

would be possible when we first started this community about 8 months ago.


But we're here now, and to cherish this moment we will award all existing members with 5 days of unlimited bot sessions.


On behalf of the whole PandoriumX Staff I wish to thank you, for being a part of this

and supporting us which makes us able to continue to keep this wonderful

community up and running.


We hope that you will enjoy your stay here on PandoriumX and we will continue to work towards

the requests from our members.


Thank YOU.

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#227 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by Pnurt on 20 December 2013 - 03:19

We will be redesigning the rank system.


Userbars will be changed and new ranks will be added. Among with other things.


Everyone will still have the same permissions and access as it is at the moment.


More information will come once we've completed it.

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#29489 [Official] Welcome to PandoriumX 2.0!

Posted by Pnurt on 31 August 2015 - 20:18



Fellow members of PandoriumX...

It is with great pleasure that we finally can announce PandoriumX... 2.0!


Under a longer period of time the forums have looked the same with only a few minor updates here and there.

So we have spent plenty of hours working with upgrading PandoriumX, making it an easier environment for everybody.

We also gave it a stylish new look, which we are really happy with, a more modern look.


So what have we done?


  • Added Awards (Look here for more info) 

  • Added Download section for all programs

  • Added a sidebar where you can see cracked programs and their status

  • Added to hide content until posted on thread.

  • Re-added the old reputation with positive and negative reputation

  • Changed the ruleset to be more clear

  • Changed Newbie rank to Leecher

  • Changed layout

  • Cleaned up our forum sections

  • Updated forum software to latest version


These are the more noticable things we have done.

But there are lots of details I can't even list them all.

We are now on a stable base and are less restricted to edit things to the way we want it.


We would also like to introduce two new staff members.

I'm sure you have seen them before...


Welcome to the crew ZZNYSecure and Joel!


This is all I have to say for now.

More things will come, but now we need some time to breathe :)


Thanks for staying with us, I wish you enjoy the new PandoriumX!


// Pnurt, Gordonfreeman75, Yorick and rest of PX staff!




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#7185 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by tmanowen on 25 June 2014 - 06:21

Bugged links:



Will bring you to server costs, but log you out because it's on poisonx not pandoriumx



will just be unknown cause it technically isn't actually a link anymore ;) and will just also have u logged out.

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#62828 [Official] Problems with PX Bots and Fixes.

Posted by KiNGTiN on 07 March 2016 - 15:03

Known problems/issues and how to fix them

Known problem

How to fix

Xenobot doesn't inject.
Xenobot doesn't Inject: AV problem
Unable to update, please try again later...
Firewall & AV Problem
Protocol Violation.
If you're using old bot releases, download the .ini file that's included in all newest releases.
Error 503:
Cloudflare protection against attacks. Or PX Servers are down. Wait and try again later.
e06: Error in WinHttpReceiveResponse()!
Error in: Firewall & AV problem
2. You are using Windows XP. Only Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or newer is supported.
Failed to inject xenobot.
Can be caused by Anti-Virus blocking the loader or bot, or cause not running bot/Tibia as admin.
Invalid username or password!
Invalid username: Username contains non-alphabetic characters or Firewall & AV Problem
2. Your password contains symbols (!"·$%&/()=...). Change your password and use only numbers and letters.
Error saving new profile
1. Go to your Xenobot Settings folder, copy one of your scripts, rename it and save it.
2. Use this clean profile and save your script over it:
Attached File  Clean Profile.xbst   8.52KB   1036 downloads
Invalid response format!
Invalid response: the same as invalid username
MSVCP100.DLL Missing.


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#2550 [Official] PandoriumX Crack Requirements - READ THIS!

Posted by Pnurt on 07 March 2014 - 21:22

PandoriumX Crack Requirements




Due to the low forum activity but high bot usage, we have decided

to put a very small requirement to use the bots that we crack here on PandoriumX.


We think that 5 posts is not too much.

This will hopefully bring some activity to the forums and sort out the "hard-leechers".

Remember that the post rules still apply. So no spamming bullshit!






  • 5 posts



You can read the rules about posting here!

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#16826 [Official] PandoriumX's Christmas Logo Contest! VOTE NOW!

Posted by Pnurt on 25 November 2014 - 05:23



Hello and welcome to PandoriumX's Christmas Logo Contest!


It is now time for our awesome community to create and decide what this years christmas logo will look like!

You can can add/create/change whatever you want.

You can choose to use an own made text or go and edit the current one.


You will have 7 days to create an image.

You will have 3 days to vote for the best image.



Image Information

If you choose to create your own logo then here's some useful info:

  • 400x105 px
  • Needs to be .png using transparent background.

You can stretch outside the currect dimensions if you feel it's better that way.



How to participate?

  • To participate you need to upload your image to a site that doesn't destroy image quality.
    Either to a file upload such as MEGA, Mediafire etc. or an image upload site such as imgur.com (recommended!)
  • Post your image on this thread.
  • I will then approve it and add you to the list.



The winner will receive:

  • 40 days of PandoriumX Premium
  • Your logo used all christmas!



  1. bezt07758433927268535023.png
  2. KingIsBackSkTWbaq.png
  3. thexamxa18FstQ.png
  4. izaakOVh7Esl.png
  5. Christianlbdm0au8B.png
  6. d3nnijNrOftz.png
  7. mallPle8Vig.png

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#5 Welcome!

Posted by Pnurt on 07 December 2013 - 21:53



I'd like to welcome everyone to this newly created forum!

On PosionX everyone should feel welcome and be able to enjoy their stay.


We'll start off by focusing on Tibia and most of it's aspects at first, but if we see that our community wants to

evolve into other areas then there is nothing stopping us from going there!


We're currently three people running the site, myself, Yorick and Gordon.

Neither of us are very experienced forum-moderators so if you feel you are interested and up for the task then

please do contact us and we'll dicuss further about it.

Thank you, and see you around the forums!

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#491 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by Gordonfreeman75 on 17 January 2014 - 01:36

All new ranks have been added to the system, new rank images have been updated and all users have been moved to their corresponding new rank.


Have fun trying to get the best ranks on PandoriumX and the great REWARDS they will grant you!  :D 




If you want to know how the reputation system works, read this post: [How To] Get Reputation

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#23869 [Official] Hello - 30.000 members!

Posted by Pnurt on 30 April 2015 - 14:39



Dear member, today we celebrate something I never thought would happen.

We celebrate the wonderful time we have spent together, we celebrate the time

we will spend together and we celebrate all the work you have done for PandoriumX. 

Wether it be sharing a script or just posting something, we are happy that so

many people enjoy hanging out on PandoriumX.


And with this new milestone...

Me, Yorick and Gordonfreeman75 thought it was time to upgrade PandoriumX to the next level.

So this is something that we've been working on for a little while now.

We will be bringing PandoriumX a new face, with better features and better structure.


We're not yet done but expect it to be completely done within 1 month. (Delayed because of multiple reasons)

You will be informed when the transition is going to happen, but if you 

want to be sure not to miss it, I would recommend you follow our Facebook page.


See you soon!

/PandoriumX Staff



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#16936 [Official] PandoriumX's Christmas Logo Contest! VOTE NOW!

Posted by Vlammen on 27 November 2014 - 12:58

what has been seen cannot be unseen    AiA8ySi.png?1

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#16717 [Official] An Explanation and Welcoming!

Posted by alvarocp2 on 21 November 2014 - 04:00

Thanks friend. I'll try my best to keep this forum a good place to get cracks, scripts, meet and talk with friends :)
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#11762 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by thexamx on 07 September 2014 - 21:39

wow ;) good ^^

Shit, stop spam forum XD
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#8881 PandoriumX Ranking System

Posted by Gordonfreeman75 on 24 July 2014 - 23:05

When someone gets there, or close *cough Ray* then they will begin making one.


Everybody makes mistakes


Dafuq! Hail Hannah Montana! <3


Now it works :D!

Yeah was just checking the permissions and everything looked fine, guess Gordie or Yorick got to it first :D


Yeah, I just fixed it this afternoon but I forgot to tell you :)

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#16933 [Official] PandoriumX's Christmas Logo Contest! VOTE NOW!

Posted by alvarocp2 on 27 November 2014 - 12:24

Well I never do this but meh.. it's christmas! So I spent some time but i think it was worth it, please rate! Only possitive comments please Im not mentaly stable..15r19y0.png I HOPE I WIN :)

Wtf hahahahaha
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#16714 [Official] An Explanation and Welcoming!

Posted by Pnurt on 21 November 2014 - 03:01



During the last couple of months I've been thinking a lot about where this forum is going...


We have had our ups and down, and lately things have been going kind of slow.

I believe most people that have been active around here knows what I'm talking about.


But please people, do not lose hope in us.

There was a time when me, Yorick and Gordonfreeman75 were all very busy with things in real life.

Working, university etc.

This of course led to very few updates around the forum. Something that I feel very sorry for.


But now we are finally coming back on track...

We have new releases and other things coming up, things I can't tell about now, it will come as pleasant surprise.


And as an addition to all of this, I have decided to promote two people I believe have been very loyal and their acts on this

community has always been for the better.

They are both very understanding people and I believe they are perfect for the role.

Maybe you have seen them?


Welcome to the crew,




You all know what they say:

After rain comes sunshine.


The rain just ended...

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#166 [Official] PandoriumX Premium Benefits

Posted by Pnurt on 16 December 2013 - 18:42

PandoriumX Premium Benefits


Hello PandoriumX Member,
We're very happy that you have come to join our humble community.
But this topic is created to inform you about PandoriumX and its perks as a premium member.
PandoriumX is not running on itself. We need donations to keep this community and service alive.
And for those who do donate and helps keeping us alive, we like to offer them something special in return.

Donation Prices

Donate 5$ = 40 Days Premium

Donate 10$+ = 90 Days Premium


Premium Member Features & Benefits

  • Access to Premium Section on forums.

  • Access to earlier releases and older bots versions (iBot, XenoBot, RedBot Pro).

  • Access to releases only available in the Premium section!

  • Access to Premium scripts being released/shared and updated.

  • Beta Access to our Open Tibia server. Not yet available! More information will come later.

  • Access to a private Skype group with Admins/Mods and Premium members only.

  • Unlimited amount of sessions for our releases.

  • Recieve a cool blue glowing username and userbar: premium.png

  • Try and test releases before they are released to public!

  • Support through Teamviewer/Skype when needed

  • And many other things. With more to come!


Do you want to take advantage from all these awesome benefits and ALL future benefits we will be adding?

Then consider making a donation by clicking here.







I believe tmanowen sums it up pretty good when it comes

to why we are doing this and what the donation money is going towards.

I'm not profiting on this website, I am on the other hand experiencing one of the best times of my life.

Thank You /Pnurt and the Staff


Donating shouldn't be getting what's inside the premium section. But actually digging down in your heart and throwing a few bucks towards the site. These admins, don't just sit on this site all day for income. They all have real working jobs and do this as an extra thing for all their members paying or not. I don't think donating a few bucks even just to say thanks is that big of a deal. And by digging down deep in your heart and helping these dudes, you get extra stuff that comes with it!!! Also if you don't have the cash to spare or anything like that. You can always contribute on the site in different parts of the sub-forums, which is what I'm doing. I'm up to 59 rep and 100 rep is contributor status where you get access to the premium sections! Whatever you do for the site, don't think of doing it for just a special information or scripts, but think of it as contributing to these great hardworking guys! :)





Thank you,
PandoriumX Team

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