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[Official] PandoriumX Forum Rules - MUST READ!

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  • PandoriumX Forum Rules


    By being a member on PandoriumX you automatically accept these rules.
    This is a living document and can be changed any time without previous notice.


    General rules:

    • Use English in all parts of forum and try your best to make yourself understood.

    • All bots older than latest Tibia version are only allowed/supported to Premium members.

    • You must be registered for 3+ days and have 1+ post to be able to use Shoutbox. However, everybody has the right to start a new thread. NEW!

    • You may not abuse the reputation system in any way. You may encourage someone to rep+ your content if they find it reasonable, but you should never threaten or pay someone to get it done.

    • Mind your manners and be nice to fellow members.

    • Racism is strictly prohibited.

    • Gravedigging (posting in threads 1 month or older) is forbidden so violating this rule will result a warning. Exceptions can be made depending on topic.

    • Respect all the staff members. If you have any issues with any staff please report them to the Administrators. We will look at it on a serious level.

    • Owning multiple accounts on this forum will result in a ban. If you have more then one account then contact an admin and ask them to remove it.

    • Scammers will be banned without any notice.

    • Do not PM PandoriumX Staff or the members requesting for support without posting a thread in the specific forum.

    • On patch days, asking about crack releases/updates will give you a 72h ban. No exceptions.

    • Do not promote your own threads in any other thread unless it's relevant to the subject.

    • You are not allowed to advertise your sales or request scripts/support in the shoutbox.

    • If you are detected abusing any of the PandoriumX services/releases offered, you will be permanently banned.

    Posting rules:

    1. Do not post content that has been posted previously.

    2. Choose relevant and mature subjects and titles for your threads

    3. When posting content from another site, credit the original site and author. Use quotes and link to the original content.

    4. Threads similar to "post here and I'll PM you" are considered spam and the author will receive a warning.

    5. Do not post any credit card details. We do not tolerate any information related to credit cards.

    6. You can only post software or any other personal releases within the User Releases section and always having permission or being approved by a Staff member.

    7. Do not attach any warez to the site, as we do not host any warez.

    8. Post in the correct part of the forum. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.

    9. You may only post "bumps" and such posts in the market section once per 24h. These posts are not allowed in any other part of the forum.

    10. No begging for donations or loans.

    11. You may not sell or trade scripts, releases or any content if you aren't the original author of the content.

    12. You may only place sell or buy offers inside the market section.

    13. Do not post in spammers or bots threads. Simply use the report function in order to get their content removed and accounts locked.

    14. You should never accuse someone of being a scammer unless you can prove it to a staff member. If you get scammed by a fellow forum member, you should contact any staff member as soon as possible.



    By being a member on PandoriumX you automatically accept these rules.
    This is a living document and can be changed any time without previous notice.

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